National Human Trafficking Hotline

1(800)843-5678 & 1(888)373-7888


The Compass Project Mentoring

The Compass project provides scholarship awards to participants, and case management that includes but is not limited to connecting communities with supportive services, youth mentorship, workforce development,  and advocacy for at-risk youth and young adults and families of our participants. 

Workforce Development

The mission of our workforce development program is to provide individuals with the skills, knowledge, and training needed to succeed in the workforce. This includes providing education and training to at-risk youth and young adults and families of our participants

Community Support Program

Our CSP provides a wide range of services, including case management, crisis intervention, individual and group therapy, vocational and educational assistance, and support for at-risk youth and young adults and families of our participants. Our goal is to provide mentoring for at risk youth and resources that include enrichment workshops for survivors and victims who are recovering from trauma and abuse associated with human trafficking, Domestic Violence, &  sexual assault .

Learning Gardening & Agriculture

The compass project is a proud sponsor of the community and a proud partner and resource provider of Mecklenburg County. Unique Blessings is currently serving the community to prevent violence by providing mentorship and programs that address food deserts and that are experiencing environmental risk factors such as a lack of or limited access to daily necessities such as fresh food and education.